Las Vegas Stronger

What is movement … Something that never stops. Kicking off in Vegas 1-1-2021.

Elephant Art Online | Paintings by Elephants

Elephant Art Online

Elephant Art Online in Thailand is the originator in authentic paintings made by elephants.


Fusion of experience and artistry; blending innovative ideas with classic styles.

Twist & Pivot

Sophisticated technology and basic necessities re-imagined.

Ozzie Kozzie

From beach to bar, wherever you are.

Global Dance Industries

A-For-Profit – Profit sharing company designed to change the world of dance forever. Education. Conviction. Commitment.

Dance cafe

The complete social media platform for dancers by dancers

Viva Live TV

The global immersive reality platform of the future. Now.

Storm Management

A different way to monetise your career.

Ballroom Billboard Radio

A Music Network for the World of Dance! 24-7 Real-Time-Dancesport Professional Rounds & The TOP 100 Ballroom Tracks of ALL Time and ALL for FREE, 24-7!

Scotch 80s Olive Company

No martini will ever be the same again with the CBD infused olives to stir it up. #EatMyOlive

World Heritage of Performing Arts

Not-For-Profit performing arts and culture association. A Global collaboration of accreditation.

Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik

Dance for the Thrones. Out of the ordinary realms of ballroom dance events.