Multiple USA & World American Ballroom Champion, Nick Kosovich started Nikoz International in 1991 before he retired as a full time ballroom dancer in 2010 and furthered his talents with tv presenting on the likes of Dancing With The Stars, choreographing and many business ideas.

Nick & Elena Kosovich
Nicholas Kosovich

“When image is everything, let us be everything for you”.

Nick and his wife Lena started their own Fashion brand LeNique in 1999 (originally Lenik) to fund their dance careers as aspirations of world champion success.

Nick describes himself as “just a dance teacher” but talks about the chemistry people need to have to be great dance partners. Nick uses this same methodology with business and recently has been coined as a “CHEMICAL INFLUENCER” as he sees opportunities in a bigger picture kind of way, by connecting people, businesses and projects together.

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